4-Week: Reading as a Writer--Claudia Rankine

Reading as a Writer--Claudia Rankine

Already an accomplished poet, Claudia Rankine published Don't Let Me Be Lonely and Citizen ten years apart, both with the subtitle A Lyric. Though certainly the language is lyric, the works also combine the personal and public, image and text, memory and research, providing a unique multivalent perspective on contemporary issues. Citizen in particular has established Rankine as a powerful cultural voice on a greater scale than her earlier, more complex and experimental poetry exploring similar themes. The clarity and precision of those works have much to do with that enlargement, and in this class, we will examine Rankine's clarity and precision as poetics practices that infuse her prose works with a sly hybridity that feels natural in its delivery and potent in its impact. Open to both poets and prose writers, we will work through exercises that aim toward the clear and precise to get to the heart of what we want to say, and expand methodically from there.

Required Texts*:

Don't Let Me be Lonely and Citizen, by Claudia Rankine

*Copies of this book are available to Lighthouse students at a 10% discount at the Tattered Cover on Colfax. Simply tell a Tattered Cover employee you are enrolled in a course at Lighthouse and they will direct you to where the books are shelved. 

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