8-Week: Writing the YA or MG Novel

Writing the YA or MG Novel

This workshop is for those actively working on a novel in either the Young Adult (YA) or Middle Grade (MG) genre. In this hands-on workshop with author Victoria Hanley, critique is the focus with the aim of bringing professional flair to your novel while showcasing your voice. 

Every writer is different. What are your own strengths, and how do you build on them? One of the fastest ways to escalate your skills and nourish your talent is to receive customized critique. You will submit up to 60 pages of writing to the workshopping process over the course of this class. Craft lessons will not be included except by way of discussing participants’ writing. (You’ll also be reading others’ work and contributing comments of your own.)

The following points will be considered when your pages are workshopped. How to:

- bring out an engaging and authentic voice
- utilize the relationship between voice and point of view
- write dialogue filled with spunk and subtext
- open up setting to enhance plot
- develop pacing that moves the story forward
- find the true beginning and ending of your book, and how they connect
- revise your way to excellence  

This is an intermediate to advanced level class. Previous experience in the structure of the novel is required, with at least 15 pages ready for workshop when the class begins. Necessary prerequisite is Intro to the Novel, Novel Bootcamp, Craft of Writing the YA or MG Novel, or permission of the instructor. To gain instructor approval, please email [email protected].

This class is currently full, but please check out an alternative workshop like Victoria Hanley's 4-Week: Writing Lively YA Voices and Scenes that Don't Suck. If a space should open up for you in this class, we'd be happy to transfer your registration. 

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