Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship

A year-long literary immersion for a Lighthouse writer

The Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship sponsors a member of the Lighthouse writing community to a full year of literary support and involvement at Lighthouse. This fellowship was formed in honor of the great Alice Maxine Bowie, who believes everyone has a right to a meaningful education, that much of our most meaningful education comes from literature, and that the world benefits from hearing stories.

While Lighthouse has always emphasized accessibility, this award offers a depth and consistency of involvement to the fellowship recipient. The year-long award period not only engages the writer in directed literary activities, but also allows for full immersion in a project or body of work. At the close of the fellowship year, the community is enriched through the opportunity to hear and celebrate the fellowship recipient, who will read from what they’ve written during the year.

The fellowship includes:


  • Four (4) 8-week workshops per year or master classes (one per year), and
  • Registration, lodging, and board for the Grand Lake Retreat (July 2014) or an all-access pass to the Lighthouse Lit Fest (June 2014).

Community Engagement

  • The fellowship period culminates with a public reading and celebration, during which the recipient will be properly feted and will share the fruits of his or her fellowship (i.e., the project he or she has worked on) with an appreciative crowd.
  • Finalists and the next fellowship winner will also be announced.


  • Writer must love to write (although writers who have had moments/hours/days of hating to write can apply also. We get it).
  • Writer must be eager and enthusiastic about building and participating in the Lighthouse community. The principle of taking care of one's own community/family is of paramount value to Alice Maxine Bowie. She does this by giving the gift of education to those who not only need it, but demonstrate their desire/willingness to pass it on. The Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship was created to honor and help those who pursue what they love and be willing to give back to the community that supports them.
  • Writer must be committed to a full year of participation in workshops, culminating with the Grand Lake Retreat or the Lighthouse Lit Fest (all-access). The fellowship begins in August and runs through the following July, with the reading and celebration taking place the following August. Writers who apply must be able to participate in these activities.
  • For the 2013/2014 Fellowship, the writer must be working in poetry. The genre will rotate between fiction, nonfiction, and poetry each year. Dramatic writers (screenwriters and playwrights) should submit with fiction writers, unless they’re working on nonfiction documentaries or dramas.
  • Writers who are granted the award must wait two years to apply for another Alice Maxine Bowie fellowship, in any genre.
  • Writer must be in financial need of the support.

To apply:

  • Fill out application.
  • Submit five poems (up to 10 pages) with your application (attach to an e-mail to
  • Complete application by July 31, 2013. (Some copies of the application say July 1, but the due date is actually July 31. At 11:59 PM.)

Review Process:

  • A review panel of Lighthouse staff, Lighthouse faculty, and Lighthouse members will convene to review all applications.
  • Equal weight will be given to the amount of involvement applicants have already had at Lighthouse, the potential revealed in the writing sample, and financial need.
  • In future award years, the recipient of the fellowship will be informed three weeks prior to the August session; for the 2012-13 award, the recipient will be informed mid-August.

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