William Haywood Henderson, MA

William Haywood Henderson was born in Syracuse, New York, grew up in Colorado, and earned a BA in English from the University of California at Berkeley. He held a variety of jobs, including chef, copyeditor, technical writer, landscape gardener, and caretaker on a ranch in Wyoming, before earning a degree in creative writing from Brown University. He attended Stanford University as a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Creative Writing. He is the author of three novels: Native, The Rest of the Earth, and Augusta Locke. He has taught creative writing at Brown, Harvard, and the University of Colorado at Denver, and currently he is on the MFA faculty at Ashland University in Ohio. At Lighthouse, he directs the Book Project and teaches novel workshops. 


This instructor has the following classes scheduled:
4-Week: Novel Bootcamp II--Your Novel's World - starting 02/08/2017
8-Week: Advanced Novel Workshop - starting 03/21/2017
4-Week: Novel Bootcamp III--Your Novel's Arc - starting 03/22/2017
4-Week: Novel Bootcamp IV--Your Novel's Voice - starting 04/19/2017

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