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Charlie Westerman grew up on a cattle ranch in Southeast Wyoming. After earning a degree in Journalism and English Literature from Washington State University in 2012, he moved to Portland, Oregon. Over the next six years living in the Northwest he finished his first novel Where Heaven Meets Cheyenne and conceived the beginning pages for two interrelated novels, Trew Brothers and SEEK, drawn loosely from his experiences living as a starving artist in PortlandAfter moving back to the Mountain West in 2018 he graduated from The Book Project with Lighthouse Writers in August 2020 where he finished a completed manuscript for SEEK. To support his dreams of being a novelist over the last ten years Charlie has also been a school bus driver, murder mystery dinner theater actor, commercial salmon fisherman, ranch hand, Lyft and Door Dash driver, landscaper, YMCA instructor and mentor at a low-income middle school for the AVID program. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, reading, traveling, golf, exploring the outdoors, being an uncle and the Green Bay Packers. He currently resides in Denver with his goofball of a dog Dorothy and his filmmaker older brother Mick.