Blueprints for Fiction Writers

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In this workshop we will explore the benefits of drawing blueprints and maps as a way to more fully realize important locations in our fiction. By getting these places out of our heads we will be able to more successfully navigate these spaces and recognize any potential flaws in the design. Throughout this process, we will get to more intimately inhabit these rooms we constructed from the figment of our imaginations. We will create writing prompts from the experience to write more material and locate any potential re-entry points for revision. This workshop will focus only on interior places. You will need to have blank paper and a pen or pencil but you do not need to know how to draw. (The workshop will almost entirely be dedicated to the actual blueprints and writing with some lecture and discussion involved; while participants could use this to start a new project, this class is probably best suited for writers with a work-in-progress or those writers with a solid idea for a piece of fiction they wish to write).

Instructor: Sarah Schantz Learn More


Feb 11, 2024 10:00am - 12:00pm