8-Week: Fiction Mastermind


Interested in a massive infusion of craft, creative, and personal growth? That’s the goal of this eight-week mastermind course, facilitated by novelist/coach Doug Kurtz. 

Here’s the catch: there is no course until you sign up. That’s because we’re going to design our sessions around the specific needs of the group, as they arise. The only thing smarter, more creative, and more inspiring than a good writer is a group of them working together, on behalf of each other. We’re going to synergize our talents and knowledge to:
  • solve technical and creative problems
  • generate new ideas and material 
  • sharpen our craft know-how and execution 
  • break bad habits and form healthy new ones
  • simplify and amplify our writing process
  • make connections and build community
  • hold each other accountable
  • optimize conditions for literary awesomeness 
  • get some gol-dang writing done
  • fix, break, change whatever we must to get bigger, bolder, better, on the page and off
While our subject matter is fluid and open, our meetings will be focused and structured, consisting of conversation, writing exercises, group and individual coaching, and homework assignments designed to forward your current project and yourself as a writer.  

The world is our oyster, the sky is the limit, the stars are our guides. We are confined by no clever course title; no preconceived notions; no recycled material, downloadable templates or photocopied handouts—just our collective wisdom, experience and motivation to grow.

If this appeals, then you meet the core requirement of the course. Additionally, you should be an intermediate to advanced novelist or short fiction writer with a work in progress.  Also please be open-minded, nonjudgmental, and willing to contribute your time and energy to the group. Have a collaborative rather than competitive spirit. Know we’re all in this together and can’t do it alone. Be committed to your development as a writer. Feel some urgency to push forward now.

Because this is a nontraditional offering, you probably have questions. Please direct them via email to info@lighthousewriters.org.

Upcoming Sessions:
  • Spring 2017
    Instructor: Doug Kurtz, MA
    Starts: 03/22/2017
    Time(s): 4:00 to 6:00 PM

    Cost: $310.00 members / $340.00 non-members
    Location: RM. 204 (Virginia Woolf Room) - Lighthouse Writers Workshop
    1515 Race Street, Denver, CO 80206
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