4-Week: Conflict--The Glue That Holds Story Together


Conflict is a core tenet of story creation. It is the struggle between two opposing forces, or a problem that must be solved. Most stories have many different conflicts, most of them minor; as well as a single, main conflict which is what the story is mostly about. Simply put, dramatic conflict is created when a character is prevented from getting something he or she wants. Action is the result of conflict. In its simplest form, Conflict can be broken down to Internal and External conflict(s). In a more complex examination, conflict can be a struggle of Person v Person, Person v Nature, Person v Society and/or Person v Self. Without conflict there is no action moving the story forward, nothing to hold it together—no stakes. In this 4-week craft workshop we will examine conflict and its responsive partner; action.

Upcoming Sessions:
  • Spring 2017
    Instructor: Michael Catlin
    Starts: 03/23/2017
    Time(s): 4:00 to 6:00 PM

    Cost: $195.00 members / $220.00 non-members
    Location: RM. 001 (The Grotto) - Lighthouse Writers Workshop
    1515 Race Street, Denver, CO 80206
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