The Business of Book Publishing


Once you have completed your manuscript, how do you approach the complex and intimidating world of book publishing? Even if you are in the first stages of writing your book, it is not too early to begin planning your publication strategy. A realistic view of the marketplace will help you stand out in a crowded field. This workshop is designed to give students an overview of how the book business works, tips on how to avoid industry no-no’s and pitfalls, as well as the tools to answer these questions: 
• Where does your work fit in the marketplace?
• How do you compile a list of appropriate literary agents for your work?
• What is the role of a literary agent? Do you even need one? 
• How do you pitch your book?
• What are the components of a successful query letter? 
• Should you meet with one of the agents coming to Lit Fest?
• What is the role of the editor?
• What are the negotiable parts of a book contract?
Students should be prepared to discuss their works in progress, and practice verbal pitches. Even if you haven’t written word, come with your story! Students will be given time to work on a query letter. There will be plenty of time for questions from the instructor, an expert in the industry and literary agent for over 10 years, first with the William Morris Agency and now with Einstein Literary Management.
This course includes a one-hour break for lunch, during which there will be an optional Q&A.  

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