8-Week: Online Introduction to Fiction and Nonfiction--A Primer on All Things Prose


This online workshop-based class will introduce writers to the fundamentals of prose writing in the genres of fiction and non-fiction.  Each week will include an introductory lecture on a craft skill common to effective prose writing, a few illuminating readings, a few fun and challenging exercises, and a weekly informal workshop/discussion. As the eight-week course rolls along, we’ll dive into more formal workshopping. Writers can expect to leave the workshop with a clearer sense of the kinds of prose writing out there, some essential craft techniques, an increased sense of the writers working in these genres, no fewer than eight new creative pieces, and exposure to more formal workshop techniques and experiences.    

About Online Classes with Lighthouse
Our online classes are designed to be flexible. There is no set meeting date or time, so students can log in to participate whenever and wherever is convenient. Generally the instructor will post new material—such as readings, discussion questions, and writing prompts—on Mondays and students can post their responses to ongoing discussion feeds throughout the week.

On the Monday that class starts, we will send enrollees instructions on how to log into their specific online class.
Technical Requirements:

We use a web-based program with technical specifications that are required to ensure it works properly. For an updated list of browsers and programs that work best with Canvas, please click here.   

Upcoming Sessions:

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