4-Week: Online Memoir--A Journalist's Approach


Whether you’re a seasoned personal essayist or you have no idea where to begin writing personal narratives, this workshop—a combination of short readings, discussion, and writing exercises—will force you to see the genre in new light. You'll learn how to self-interview, find your story inside the objects that surround you, discover new ways to see yourself as character, and push untapped stories to the surface. We'll explore process of exploration and low-stakes prose, discuss the idea of “truth" and the role of research inside personal narratives, and (each week) walk through exploratory-stage writing exercises. The aim of this workshop is to generate, generate, generate new ideas and material with which to write essays or your memoir. Most importantly, the goal is to get you to focus on the exploratory stages of writing and think differently about first person storytelling. 
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Upcoming Sessions:
  • Spring 2017
    Instructor: Maggie Messitt
    Starts: 04/24/2017
    Time(s): NA

    Cost: $195.00 members / $220.00 non-members
    Location: Online - Online Workshop
    1515, Denver, CO 80206
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