4-Week: Plotting the Plotted Plot


It has been said that the story is the why of the adventure, while the plot is the method by which the story unfolds. In this workshop, we will spend a lot of time on the method of creating plots—your plot—for your story. We'll talk about why certain story genres generally follow certain kinds of plot structures, and why it’s good to take those apart and reuse them. Together we'll explore what is done to make a plot a plot. To do this, we will use beat sheets, step outlines, and treatments. We'll examine what structure, symbol and metaphor have to do with the plot of your story, and spend time in the story world, playing with character webs.

Recommended Text:
The Anatomy of Story, by John Truby*

*Copies of this book are available to Lighthouse students at a 10% discount at the Tattered Cover on Colfax. Simply tell a Tattered Cover employee you are enrolled in a course at Lighthouse and they will direct you to where the books are shelved.   

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