8 Week: Writing the Young Adult and Middle Grade Novel (Longmont)


Writing a novel for the young adult (YA) or middle grade (MG) audience requires a blend of vigorous technique and strong personality. You’ll need to work with characterization, dialogue, plotting, setting, conflict, point of view, beginnings/middles/endings, and most important of all—voice! 

In this hands-on workshop with YA/MG author Victoria Hanley, you’ll study novel writing through the unique YA and MG lens. We’ll focus on personal critique to bring professional flair to your novel while showcasing your voice. 

Every writer is different. What are your own strengths, and how do you build on them? One of the fastest ways to escalate your skills and nourish your talent is to receive customized constructive critique. You will be expected to submit 10 pages a week to the workshopping process, which will apply craft lessons to the writing of participants. (You’ll also be reading others’ work and contributing comments of your own.)

We’ll be looking at various points of craft, including how to: 
·    create an engaging and authentic voice
·    examine the relationship between voice and point of view
·    write dialogue filled with spunk and subtext
·    open up setting to enhance plot
·    develop pacing that moves the story
·    find the true beginning and ending of your book, and how they connect
·    revise your way to excellence as you move from first to second draft

This class is about learning to write for the YA or MG genre, and previous experience in the structure of the novel is recommended.  Those who are new to novel writing are encouraged to take the Intro to Novel Class, Fiction Class or Novel Bootcamp prior to signing up. 

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