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Queer Creatives focuses on queer writers and makers in Colorado. We aim to connect queer creatives with peers because we know that LGBTQ+ lives are enriched and affirmed through collective storymaking and storysharing. No matter how your creativity manifests, no matter how your queerness manifests, this is a space for you! At Lighthouse Writers Workshop, we aim to offer a more demographically complete representation of our writing community, offering a space that celebrates and welcomes the rich diversity of Colorado writers. Queer Creatives is free to attend. High school-aged youth are welcome, too!

December 8th Meetup (Zoom) Guest facilitator: Sarah Elizabeth Schantz


This purely generative class will explore the narrative structures of meandering, spiraling, and exploding by paying homage to the craft book Meander, Spiral, Explode by Jane Alison (no need to read beforehand). To do this, we will also be employing divinatory poetics to provide the prompts to get us started and to keep us going; specifically, the instructor will use the art of bibliomancy, turning to The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig as the Muse (also no need to read or possess a copy). Come with an open mind! You might start something new or dive deeper into a work-in-progress. There’s also no telling if you will lean into the meander or circle the spiral or write a fracture but you will likely come away from the experience with more knowledge about alternative narrative structures.

Instructor: Eddie Young Learn More


Dec 08, 2023 5:30pm - 7:30pm