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John Cotter’s first novel Under the Small Lights appeared in 2010 from Miami University Press. He's published short fiction in Puerto Del Sol, ghost stories in New Genre, poetry in Volt, criticism in Bookforum, and art writing in Sculpture, comics in Westworld, and memoir in Electric Literature and Catapult. A founding editor at the review site Open Letters Monthly, John's recent writing has received honorable mention in both Best American Essays and Best American Horror. He was born in Norwich, Connecticut in 1976, home of Benedict Arnold and a fresh crop of casinos. He graduated Emerson’s Creative Writing program on a Performing Arts scholarship and Harvard’s University with a master’s degree in English & American lit. He lives with his favorite poet in Denver, Colorado. His address online is

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4-Week: Dialogue that Talks Back

October 23, 2017

Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry

Punctuate Your Love

November 04, 2017

Free Indirect: A Notorious POV

Free Indirect: A Notorious POV

October 28, 2017

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