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Joy Roulier Sawyer, MA

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Joy Roulier Sawyer holds an MA from New York University, where she received the Herbert Rubin Award for Outstanding Creative Writing. The author of several nonfiction books, she's also published a poetry collection, Tongues of Men and Angels (White Violet Press, 2016), and is a recent Pushcart Prize nominee. Her poetry, essays, and fiction appear in such diverse publications as Bohemian Chronicle, Books & Culture, Esthesis, LIGHT Quarterly, Lilliput Review, Mars Hill Review, New York Quarterly, St. Petersburg Review, The Volta, and others. In addition, Joy was also awarded a Rocky Mountain Women's Associateship for her performance poetry. Her longtime past work in the field of writing therapy gives her special interest and expertise in writer's block, writing exercises, and the writing process. She received the 2013 Distinguished Service Award from the National Association for Poetry Therapy.

Classes with Joy Roulier Sawyer, MA

Writing 101
Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry

4-Week: Writing 101—Gotta Start Somewhere

November 14, 2017

Writing 101
Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry

4-Week: Daytime Writing 101—Gotta Start Somewhere

November 15, 2017