Punctuate Your Love


Deft punctuation isn't just the final shellac on a good piece of writing, it's a marvelous tool that can change a piece's meaning and enhance its message. Punctuation is subtlety, beauty, and exactitude. We'll crack the secrets of the semicolon, plumb the poetry of ellipses, and parse out the uses, abuses, and seduces of the comma. There'll be fun exercises, brain twisters, lewd jokes, and definitive answers to long-lingering questions. You'll leave knowing the difference between a phrase with an adjective and an adjective phrase, why an em dash is not like an en dash, and what the heck to do when a sentence ends with a quote. Rather than see our pieces rejected for nonsensical tittles and jots, we'll secure the latches for takeoff and fly with confidence into print. 

Instructor: John Cotter Learn More


Nov 04, 2017 10:00am - 12:30pm