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R. Alan Brooks teaches graphic novel writing at Regis University, and is the writer/creator of The Burning Metronome graphic novel, a supernatural murder mystery with social commentary. He also hosts the popular “MotherF**ker In A Cape” comics podcast, which focuses on marginalized members of the geek world. He writes The Colorado Sun’s weekly comic, “What’d I Miss?”, as well as comic books for Pop Culture Classroom, Zenescope Entertainment, and more. In addition, Alan is a musician and noted stage host, regularly emceeing celebrated events, like the DINK Awards Show, Arise Music Festival, and more.  

Classes with R. Alan Brooks

In These Fleeting Moments: Dramatic Tension in Your Story (Denver)
Fiction, Nonfiction/Memoir

In These Fleeting Moments: Dramatic Tension

October 06, 2023

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Alan is an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable teacher, able to address different student levels and interests very effectively. He has a very relaxed and welcoming style and can break down complex and overwhelming concepts into easy to understand and manageable tasks.