Writership Tuition Assistance

Lighthouse is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all. To this end, we strive to remove all barriers, including financial ones, to participation in our workshops. Writership tuition assistance helps people join our programs and advance their skills as writers using funds allocated by grants or donated by other Lighthouse members and supporters.

Funding for each class is limited and granted on a first come, first served basis. If a course is sold out or has no more funding available, we’ll do our best to offer excellent alternatives to applicants who qualify for tuition assistance. Writerships apply to future programming only and cannot be applied retroactively. The percentage offered is calculated based on the cost of the course for members. Please note that we have a few programs we aren't able to provide Writership for, including Lit Fest advanced workshops, agent meetings, and the Grand Lake Retreat. 

We're also happy to offer payment plans for anyone interested in breaking up their payments for a workshop. We ask that payments are made in equal amounts and completed before the workshop's final meeting date. To request a payment plan, please fill out this form. Payment plans can be an alternative to Writerships or used in combination with Writerships. Please wait until your Writership tuition assistance has been confirmed before submitting a Payment Plan Request

Lighthouse is honored to have Writership funds available specifically for veterans, made possible through the generous support of Prevent & Prevail. To qualify for this funding, indicate your veteran status when you apply for Writership. In addition to any financial barriers to participation, please let us know if there are other barriers you face in attending workshop, including if you are from a community that has faced institutional barriers to success in the literary field.

All information shared in this form is confidential.