Our Mission and Values



Our Mission

The mission of Lighthouse Writers Workshop is to provide the highest caliber of artistic education, support, and community for writers and readers in the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. We strive to ensure that literature remains accessible and relevant in the culture, and that individuals achieve their fullest potential as artists and human beings.

To achieve this mission, Lighthouse has identified seven goals:

  • Lighthouse attracts literary types of all ages and from all walks of life, inviting them to connect with our programming and community, both to enrich their art and enrich their lives.
  • Lighthouse provides a lifelong educational environment that fosters the artistic, intellectual, and personal growth of its community and provides continuing support as they embark on successful careers and productive lives as artists and individuals.
  • Lighthouse continually elevates its educational and artistic standards, remaining open and responsive to changing conditions in the worldwide literary arts scene.
  • Lighthouse attracts and retains talented and renowned faculty members in all disciplines by providing a collaborative work environment and involving them fully in the artistic and educational life of the community.
  • Lighthouse upholds its commitment to a diverse community by nurturing an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming environment. We also deeply believe in the importance of lifting up the voices of those who've been traditionally marginalized or ignored—persons of color, refugees, the homeless, LGBTQ individuals, and others.
  • Lighthouse takes an active role in preserving the future of the literary arts by providing exemplary arts education programs, encouraging its members and youth to serve as advocates for the literary arts in society.
  • Lighthouse tirelessly promotes the belief that writing and reading create a deep understanding of ourselves and others, and thereby encourages compassion and empathy in our society.

Our Organizational Values

Accessibility: Lighthouse welcomes all people who want to learn more about writing, no matter their age, experience, or education. We keep our offerings affordable and our facilities convenient for all community members.

Collaboration: Writing is often seen as a solitary art; however, all writers need the inspiration and support of others. Our workshops engage students, teachers, and peers in deeply collaborative relationships. We seek opportunities to explore other arts and media with regional and national partners.

Creativity: Lighthouse believes in the innate creativity of all people by encouraging and fostering experimentation and innovation. 

Community: Lighthouse provides space and spirit for fellowship. We offer readers unique ways to discover and embrace the human experience. We invite everyone who values arts and culture to explore the written word. And we support the vibrancy and diversity of the Colorado artistic culture.

Discovery: We believe that writing empowers greater understanding of self and others and thereby encourages compassion and empathy in our society.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Lighthouse Writers Workshop upholds a commitment to a diverse community where all participants, employees, and volunteers, whatever their gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability, feel valued and respected.

Excellence: Lighthouse is dedicated to the supporting the highest potential of each writer, whatever their goals and talents. We are committed to increasing awareness of local and national authors producing high quality work.