Young Authors Collective

    The Young Authors Collective (YAC) is an inclusive, welcoming space where teen writers ages 14-18 create long-lasting friendships, connect with a larger literary community, and develop writing skills.

    YAC – Denver

    YAC – Denver meets in person at Lighthouse Writers Workshop (Denver) each Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 PM MDT from September to May. Our Denver cohort  is a great option for writers ages 14-18 who want to build in-person connections with peers as well as participate in occasional special projects and/or events with the Lighthouse staff and community. Past YAC – Denver cohorts have been known for their loud laughter and love of snacks.

    “I learned so much, not just about writing, but about myself. I went in as a little freshman, the self-proclaimed ‘innocent one,’ and ended with my nickname being Malicious Macy. The community I was a part of was close-knit, and from the minute I arrived, I felt welcome. And of course, my writing grew exponentially better.” – Macy G.

    Applications for for next session's YAC – Denver will open in Summer 2024!

    YAC – Online

    YAC – Online (formerly the Remote Writing Cohort) meets via Zoom each Thursday from 5:00-7:00 PM MDT September to May. This group offers teens ages 14-18 an opportunity to connect with fellow writers across the United States and around the globe. Members enjoy connecting with each other through video/audio and an active chat as well as supporting each other on individual writing goals. YAC – Online is known for its ability to pen powerful puns, flex around tech issues and jokester siblings, and Zoom in from wherever they may be on a given week.

    “Young Authors Collective—Online is a welcoming place for all young writers who feel excited (or nervous) about sharing their writing with others. This community is also a place for questions, advice, humor, and building confidence!” Alex B.

    Applications for for next session's YAC – Online will open in Summer 2024!

    YAC — Rainbow

    The Rainbow YAC cohort for teen writers ages 14-18 is for those who identify as LGBTQIAP+ or as an ally! This cohort meets via Zoom each Tuesday from 4:00-6:00 PM MDT September to May.

    As part of YAC – Rainbow, we’ll explore examples by our elder “queeroes” and “transcestors” to find inspiration for new works of our own. In fact, all examples in these sessions—such as short stories, novel or memoir excerpts, and writing prompts—will be from writers and artists who identify as queer and/or trans. Members can also expect to learn about LGBTQIAP+ authors whose voices have been historically marginalized or silenced because of their multiple identities, such as being Black and queer. This is a safe, confidential, and brave space where you can share your words without feeling like you have to explain your identities.

    Applications for for next session's YAC – Rainbow will open in Summer 2024!