Queer Creatives

    Queer Creatives focuses on queer writers and makers in Colorado. We aim to connect queer creatives with peers because we know that LGTBQIA+ lives are enriched and affirmed through collective storymaking and storysharing. No matter how your creativity manifests, no matter how your queerness manifests, this is a space for you! At Lighthouse Writers Workshop, we aim to offer a more demographically complete representation of our writing community, offering a space that celebrates and welcomes the rich diversity of Colorado writers.

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    Monthly Meetups

    Our free monthly meetups provide a space for LGBTQIA+ writers and creatives of all types to share our stories and connect with community. Queer Creatives sessions currently take place on Zoom and include craft discussions, professional insights, panels, and more. We always have time to respond to creative prompts and share our work.  

    Queer Creatives Fest

    The Second Annual Queer Creatives Fest was held October 27-29, 2023. The Queer Creatives Fest is open to writers of all genres and creatives of all types who identify as members of LGBTQIA+ communities. We also welcome folks who are questioning their gender or sexual orientation and those who are in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ communities. Our intention is to center LGBTQIA+ people at the festival.