Get Involved with Poetry Out Loud


Whether your classes and programs are meeting virtually or in-person, we invite you to join Colorado’s Poetry Out Loud program which encourages young performers to bring the words of great poets to life through memorization, recitation, and competitive performance.


Registration for 2022-23 Colorado Poetry Out Loud is open until January 17th, 2023! Use this link to register your school or organization to participate. To receive POL newsletters and other resources from the State Coordinator, please visit this page.


Every year, thousands of teachers integrate Poetry Out Loud into their curricula. POL provides lesson plans and more information about how to run a successful program at your school or organization. Check out POL’s audio guide that includes distinguished actors and poets reading and speaking about poetry. Listen to these tracks to help you or your students master the art of recitation. And for a veteran teacher’s insight into Poetry Out Loud, read our Q & A with Fountain Valley School’s Dave Reynolds.


If your school is not holding a Poetry Out Loud competition and you would like to participate, you can organize one, or you can join in with another school or organization who is hosting one. Please contact the POL State Coordinator at for more information. 


Parents are often the kickstarter for Poetry Out Loud programs in schools and homeschool organizations, either through their individual efforts or the school’s parent-teacher association.

Poetry Out Loud is open to all Colorado students grades 9-12 in public, charter, parochial, special programs, homeschool programs, and local non-school organizations like libraries and youth centers. All competitions begin at the local level. The minimum requirements to register for a competition are two interested students and a sponsoring teacher or administrator. For the school/local competition, three judges, an accuracy judge, and a scorekeeper are required. These can be teachers or members of the community.

If you know a student or group of students who are interested in Poetry Out Loud, we encourage you to contact a teacher or school administrator, or work through your school’s parent-teacher organization. Please also contact the State POL Coordinator who may be able to help you find a contact at a nearby school or organization.