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André O. Hoilette

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André O. Hoilette is a Jamaican-born poet living in Denver, Colorado. He’s a Cave Canem alumnus and the former editor of ambulant: A Journal of Poetry & Art and former assistant editor of Nexus Magazine. He earned an MFA in Fiction and Poetry from Regis University’s Mile-High MFA program. 2020 nomination for Pushcart Prize. Previous publication in Role Call, Stand Our Ground, Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam and Cave Canem 10-Year Reader anthologies and journals: Inverted Syntax, Cultural Weekly, Rigorous, milk magazine, Nexus Magazine as well as other journals.

Classes with André O. Hoilette


8-Week: Intermediate Poetry Workshop

October 22, 2023

Clear, effective teaching within a fun, informative environment. I got a lot out of the materials from marginalized writers I had never been introduced to before. I gained a lot of insight from my workshop, and also from workshopping the other writers in class. André quickly became one of my favorite instructors from Lighthouse!