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Jonathan Marcantoni

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Award-winning Puerto Rican author and playwright Jon Marcantoni established Flamboyán Productions in the Fall of 2022 in order to develop theatrical and cinematic works by BIPOC writers in Colorado. His vision is to make Denver a home for BIPOC storytelling that crosses genres, multimedia platforms, and pushes BIPOC artists to tell stories that defy expectations as well taking risks in terms of style, themes, and creating new narratives. His play Puerto Rican Nocturne had two runs in 2022, one at The Bug Theater in Denver and another at Factory Five Five in Aurora. He also is the author of five novels, including a Spanish novel, Tristiana, which was presented at the Feria de libro in La Habana, Cuba in 2018. His novel Kings of 7th Avenue won the Independent Book Award in 2017 for Best Southeastern Fiction. He has been featured in NBC Latino, Huffington Post, Washington Post. LA Times, Latino Rebels, PANK Magazine, El Nuevo Dia, El Post Antillano, Westword, Minor Lits, and Across the Margin, to name a few. 

*PS He is far more down to earth than this bio would suggest. Plus he thinks he's pretty funny. Sometimes.