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TV deprived growing up in the 60s, Sandra and her two siblings read books. Voraciously. The big event was going to the library once a week. As an adult, she wanted to be involved in the wondrous business of discovering and bringing stories to the world and, not a creative writer herself, she decided to become an agent—the next best thing to actually writing the book. Bond Literary Agency is a small, independent agency with a select list of clients and quite a broad list of titles represented by two agents and an agent-in-training. Sandra’s most recent success is the international bestseller Go As A River by Shelley Read, which is published or about to be published in 33 languages and 35+ countries, and a film option has been sold.

Sandra was the program administrator at the University of Denver's Publishing Institute for 4 years (2005-2009), and she now guest lectures there annually. She grew up in Denver and has a degree in microbiology from the University of Colorado. When she’s not working…she’s currently working on her work/life balance.