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For this offering, there is more than one instructor or speaker. Each person, however, is most certainly brilliant.

Classes with Several Instructors

Hard Times Denver
All Genres

Hard Times Denver

December 19, 2023

All Genres

Hard Times Arvada

December 13, 2023

All Genres

Hard Times Arvada

December 20, 2023

Several Instructors's Articles

The Lookout

A Dorkleheart Finds Her People

May 15, 2015

by Susan Knudten

The Lookout

The Elements of Writing, redux

May 08, 2015

An episodic essay on writing, the elements, and the elements of writing her most recent novel

The Lookout

On Writing Suspense

April 24, 2015

By Cynthia Swanson

The Lookout

Interview: Lindsey Drager on Genre Bending, Writing Habits, and the Joy of Flaws

March 23, 2015

By Kate Barrett (interview) and Laura I. Miller (intro)