Anti-Harassment Policy

Lighthouse Writers Workshop is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment, intimidation, and discrimination.


Any person who believes there has been a violation of Lighthouse’s anti-harassment policy can report the offense through any Lighthouse staff member or through our program director, Andrea Dupree, in person or by emailing [email protected].


Lighthouse takes all allegations of harassment seriously. Every complaint will be investigated by a panel of board members and Lighthouse staff. When necessary, the panel will also determine violation sanctions, which could include a warning, removal from an event, denial of access to Lighthouse spaces and venues, prohibition from future speaking engagements or faculty appointments, revocation of membership, and other measures deemed appropriate.

Non-retaliation and Confidentiality

Lighthouse prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports harassment or for participating in an investigation relating to a complaint. Lighthouse will make every reasonable effort to conduct all harassment investigations in a manner that protects the confidentiality of all parties. However, confidentiality is not absolute, and those with a legitimate business reason to know of the allegations will be informed. Parties to the complaint should treat the matter with discretion and respect the reputation of all involved.