Inclement Weather Closure Policy

In the case of inclement weather, Lighthouse will follow the schedule below to announce office closure and class cancellations. Any classes cancelled because of weather will be rescheduled by the instructor, in consultation with Lighthouse staff.

  • For any classes that start before 4:00 PM, we'll announce closure by 7:00 AM
  • For any classes that start at 4:00 PM or later, we'll announce closure by 12:00 PM

In the case of bad weather, Lighthouse will contact the community about program closures via email and phones, and announce any closures on our website and social media.

All programs in schools and other sites will follow the school and site closures in their respective districts, and participating students should assume programs are cancelled that day if their school or site is also closed.

Any community engagement program will follow Lighthouse's closure schedule, unless the site of the program is closed due to weather. Participants should check both the Lighthouse social media and the partner organization's social media to see if classes are being held.