Andrea Dupree (she/her/hers) has worked for Lighthouse Writers Workshop from the beginning and gets her thrills finding new programs that bring literary excellence to the Lighthouse community. She works with the award-winning faculty, evaluates the existing programs, and dreams big for the future of Lighthouse. She feels lucky to get to enter the Lighthouse cocoon, where everyone's at least heard of the latest book by (x), picked up on that funny allusion by (y), and feels better with a book (by z?) cracked open on their nightstand. She teaches fiction workshops and has had short fiction published in PloughsharesVirginia Quarterly ReviewColorado ReviewThe Normal School, and elsewhere. She's been honored to receive two MacDowell fellowships for her fiction. When not writing, reading or procrastinating, she enjoys hiking, running, and hanging out with her family, including her daughters and Gallivant, the rescue dog who would love to haunt the Lighthouse hallways, but our current lease prohibits it.