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Ellen writes YA novels about finding your people, falling in love, and figuring it all out (or she's trying to, anyway). But she wrote a lot of other stuff first: she grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where she wrote piles of angsty love poems at the Thurber House Young Writers’ Studio, and then moved to Baltimore where she spent four years writing grim, minimalist short stories at the Johns Hopkins University. Since then, she's written a bunch of ads for a bunch of brands.

But always, always her heart has tugged her toward YA and the types of stories she grew up reading. The ones that made her fall in love with writing in the first place. And today you can read her debut novel, Seven Percent of Ro Devereux, out now from HarperTeen! Her second book, The Someday Daughter, publishes February 20, 2024.

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Morning Seminar: Writing Young Love

March 17, 2024