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Francesca Sloane

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In addition to the courses she's teaching below, Francesca will speak at our free Movie Night: We the Animals Screening + The Art of Adaptation on 6/12, she will also be featured in our free Slaon + Reading: Real Life, Real Art on 6/13, and our Brown-Bag Business Panel Hollywood Is Everywhere: TV and Film Outside New York & LA on 6/12 . (Registration required)

Francesca Sloane was raised between Philadelphia and El Salvador. She is currently writing on the newest season of Atlanta (FX). Francesca is co-creating a series at Netflix, as well as developing a project with Legendary. Prior to Fargo(FX), she developed a series at Apple and worked on set, writing with Beau Willimon on The First (Hulu), which starred Sean Penn. Francesca began her writing career on the staff of Veena Sud’s Seven Seconds (Netflix) and Startup (Crackle). She will be making her directorial feature debut on Headbangers – which was recently recognized by the Sundance Screenwriters Intensive (2020), as well as Black List and NALIP on their inaugural list of best unproduced LatinX screenplays. After graduating from the film and video program at CalArts, Francesca travelled the globe shooting experimental political video art before getting her Masters in Screenwriting from UCLA. Francesca enjoys finding beauty in the specific and the mundane and considers herself well-suited for the one job that encourages daydreaming at work: writing. She lives with her two big dogs, Billie and Lucy and her fiancé Brandon.