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Joanna Howard is the author of the novel Foreign Correspondent (Counterpath, 2013), a story collection On the Winding Stair (Boa editions, 2009), an artist's book In the Colorless Round, (Noemi, 2006) and Field Glass, a speculative novel co-written with Joanna Ruocco (Sidebrow, 2017). Her memoir The Rerun Era is forthcoming from McSweeney's (2019). Her work has appeared in Conjunctions, Verse, McSweeney's, Bomb, Chicago Review, Brooklyn Rail, and places elsewhere. She has also collaborated on translations from French: Walls by Marcel Cohen (Black Square, 2009) and Cows by Frederic Boyer (Noemi, 2014). She taught in the Literary Arts program at Brown University for 15 years before coming, recently, to University of Denver's PhD program in Literary Arts, where she teaches prose writing and prose and poetry hybrids, narrative theory, and contemporary literature. She lives in Denver and in Providence, RI. 

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Invaluable, priceless workshop. Joanna's depth and breadth of knowledge, not just in literature and craft but in life itself, seems bottomless. Workshop participants have talked among ourselves marveling at her talent in making critical connections that have deepened our work. I want to thank Joanna for creating a safe environment where we could speak openly and honestly (and, in my case, rather clumsily). Among all her many talents, Joanna's ability to create a truly safe space where students spoke openly and honestly was immensely appreciated.