Visiting Authors Series

Since Lit Fest isn't a year-round event (yet...), we've decided to bring some of our favorite visiting authors to Lighthouse as part of our Visiting Authors Series. This series of craft talks will feature some of Lighthouse's best-loved writers, like Andre Dubus III, Jennifer Haigh, Leslie Jamison, Patricia Smith, Nadia Owusu, and more. We’ll offer at least five craft sessions before the end of 2024, and if working with big-name writers is your jam, you'll want to check out the three-pack (link below), which allows you to attend three seminars at a discount of 10%.

Upcoming authors are listed below, and check back often, we add more all of the time.

Visiting Author Series: 3-Pack

if working with big name writers is your jam, this is a must! 



Leslie Jamison

Crowded Characters, October 6, 1:00 to 3:00 PM