4-Week: Novel Bootcamp IV—Arc

What one participant is saying about Novel Bootcamp:

I’m grateful for all the wonderful information that Bill provides in his bootcamp classes. One of the things I really enjoyed about his teaching style is that he is so supportive of all his students no matter what genre they are writing in. Bill did a great job of distilling the complex process that goes into planning and writing a novel. I now have a huge appreciation for the amount of hard work and deep thinking that goes into novel writing. When I started the class in January, I remember thinking—hey, you just go to a coffee shop and start typing, right? I really admire how Bill showed us the complicated moving parts of a novel—setting, character, plot, subplot, arc, voice. He also used quality literature to show us how it’s done—and those examples resulted in a few mind-blowing ah-ha moments for me as to how I might approach my own story. I was honestly excited to come to class and learn about how it all works and hear what other students were working on for their novels.
Terry Allen