Writing Marathon for Ages 9-12

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Come join a group of writers in this daylong writing adventure! Writing Marathons are designed to inspire and motivate young writers by leading them into a variety of creative writing prompts, styles and imaginative approaches. Every marathon is different, and each workshop combines a number of writing genres, as well as seasonal prompts and themes. And of course there's a good deal of play and rest in the mix too!

February: This marathon is all about love! Young writers will explore how love is portrayed in literature and then respond with their own Valentine's Day-themed pieces.

March: In this St. Patrick's Day class, young writers will explore Irish literature and the spring equinox. This workshop will be a writing celebration!

April: Celebrate the arrival of spring with this workshop focusing on the magic of springtime and nature!

Instructor: Azar Kohzadi Learn More


Apr 13, 2024 10:00am - 3:00pm