Lit Fest 2023 Preview: Q&A with Sheila Heti

Lit Fest 2023 Preview: Q&A with Sheila Heti

Editor's Note: In advance of the March 11 deadline to apply for Lit Fest Advanced Workshops, we've asked the 2023 Visiting Authors for a preview of their workshop style, what they're reading, and more.

What's the most surprising source of inspiration for you lately? Conversational AIs.

What are you working on these days? I'm finishing edits on my book, Alphabetical Diaries. 

How would you describe your workshop style? Warm, playful.

Which writer or artist whose work you love should more people know about? One of my favorite contemporary writers is the Norwegian novelist, Vigdis Hjorth. I started with A House in Norway, so I always recommend starting with that one, but Long Live the Post-Horn and Will and Testament are also great, and I'm excited to read her new one, Is Mother Dead.