The Writer's Guide to Fall Session 2020

Looking to tap into your creativity? You’re in luck. Whether you’re interested in a one-day workshop, a 50-minute Daily Zoom, a generative workshop, or more structured 4- or 8-week classes, we’ve got you covered with our new session.


4-Week Classes

4-Week: Reading as a Writer—George Eliot's Middlemarch with Rebecca Berg

4-Week: Reading as a Writer—Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude with Dino Enrique Piacentini

4-Week: Draft a Short Story with Alexander Lumans

4-Week: How to Own a Short Story with Dino Enrique Piacentini

4-Week: One of Star Wars, One of Doom—Crafting the Strange Character with Alexander Lumans

4-Week: Novel Bootcamp III—Your Novel’s Arc with William Haywood Henderson

4-Week: Novel Bootcamp IV—Your Novel’s Voice with William Haywood Henderson

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Flash Fiction—The Short Short Story with Nini Berndt

8-Week: Intermediate Novel Workshop with Hillary Leftwich

8-Week: Intro/Intermediate Speculative Fiction with Courtney Morgan

8-Week: Intro/Intermediate Fiction Workshop with Daniel Levine

8-Week: Advanced Speculative Fiction with Courtney Morgan

8-Week: Intro to Writing the Short Story with Trent Hudley

8-Week: Advanced Short Story Workshop with Paula Younger

8-Week: Writing Women’s Fiction with Carleen Brice

8-Week: Intermediate Short Story Workshop with Liz Breazeale

8-Week: Online Advanced Fiction Workshop with Jessica Roeder

8-Week: Online Intermediate Fiction with Jacinda Townsend

8-Week: Intro to Writing the Novel with John Cotter


Strange Beauty: The Weird in Fiction with Trent Hudley


4-Week Classes

4-Week: Draft an Essay with John Cotter

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Intro to Writing the Personal Narrative and Memoir with Emily Flouton

8-Week: Daytime Writing the Memoir with Kay Tolchin

8-Week: Nonfiction Workshop—Sharing and Refining Your Craft with Joel Warner

8-Week: Intermediate Memoir and Personal Essay Workshop with Steve Knopper

8-Week: Advanced Memoir and Narrative Nonfiction with William Henry Lewis


Boundaries and Strategies for Nonfiction Writers of Trauma with Cinelle Barnes

Jumpstart Your Memoir with Shari Caudron


4-Week Classes

4-Week: Reading as a Writer—The Poetry of Affection with Joy Roulier Sawyer

8-Week Classes

8-Week: Intermediate Poetry Workshop with Lynn Wagner

8-Week: Introduction to Poetry Workshop with Cass Eddington

8-Week: Advanced Poetry Workshop with Carolina Ebeid

8-Week: Daytime All-Levels Poetry Workshop with Abigail Chabitnoy

8-Week: Online Poetry Workshop with Elizabeth Robinson

8-Week: Feminist Poetics with Andrea Rexilius


Feeling Into Form: Exploring Lineation and Structure in Poetry with Radha Marcum

Psychedelic Poetries: Surrealism and Beat Poetry with Elizabeth Robinson

Hunger and Ritual: Writing on Food with Juan Morales


4-Week Classes

4-Week: Structuring Your Novel with Erika T. Wurth

4-Week: Point of View in Narrative with Jennifer Wortman

8-Week Classes

8-Week: The Poetic Essay and Memoir with Serena Chopra

8-Week: Experimental/Hybrid Forms with Richard Froude

8-Week: Online Hybrid, Experimental, and Cross-Genre Forms with Jennifer Denrow

8-Week: YA/MG Novel Workshop with Traci Groff-Jones

8-Week: Online Intro to Fiction and Nonfiction—A Primer on All Things Prose with Christopher Merkner

8-Week: Online Lyric Essay and Memoir with Julia Madsen


Digging Out (& Digging Into) the Lyric Essay with Chip Livingston

Set the Setting with Sarah Elizabeth Schantz

The Multitudes: Setting Scope, Organizing Ideas, and Playing with Form within an Essay Collection with Cinelle Barnes

All Genres

4-Week Classes

4-Week: Do It Again–Discipline with John Cotter

4-Week: Writing 101—Gotta Start Somewhere with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: Online Writing the Climate Crisis with Christopher Kondrich

4-Week: The Business of Writing with David Heska Wenbli Weiden

4-Week: Spark and Re-Spark—Reignite Your Craft and Creativity with Joy Roulier Sawyer

4-Week: Online Writing Jumpstart—Memory, Obsession, Aversion, Dreams with Jennifer Wortman

4-Week: Reading as a Writer—Rosario Ferré’s The Youngest Doll with Melissa Alvarado Sierra

8-Week Classes

8-Week: 96 Hours Towards a Finished Draft with Mark Springer

8-Week: Writing Our Rage with Lisa Kennedy

8-Week: Crafting the Chaos with Alyse Knorr


Creating Art in Dark Times with R. Alan Brooks

Worldbuilding with Mathangi Subramanian

Selling Your Work, Not Your Soul: Crafting a Winning Pitch with Sasha Geffen


8-Week: Draft a Screenplay with Joey Siara

8-Week: Playwriting Workshop with Melissa Lucero McCarl

Weekend Intensive: The Tortured Script, The Rejected Draft, and The ‘Kitchen Sink’ Draft with Jenny Taylor Whitehorn