First Quarter Kudos 2014


Congrats to Richard Froude, who was selected by Cheryl Strayed to win the 2013 Wabash Prize for Nonfiction for his essay, "Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead." Yippee! 

Gary Schanbacher's novel Crossing Purgatory lassoed up another award, this time for Best Western Traditional Novel. Git on with you, Gary!

Three Cheers! Youth instructor Jesaka Long's script "My Posse's in the Zone" is a quarter-finalist in the Bluecat Screenplay competition.

Mario Acevedo’s Panama Ponzi-scheme book, Good Money Gone, is a finalist in the 2014 International Latino Book Awards (Best Novel-Adventure or Drama-English). Other honorees include Linda Ronstadt, Isabel Allende, Manuel Ramos, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Not bad company!



Julene Bair’s new book, The Ogallala Road: A Memoir of Love and Reckoning, was released! 

Benjamin Dancer is celebrating the release of his literary thriller Patriarch Run.



Lighthouser Shawna Ervin is having two pieces published: her essay "Longing for Empty" will appear in the spring issue of Love Me, Love My Belly, and her poem "A Stagehand" is appearing in Forge.

Amy Braziller's essay, "Post. Wait. Delete.," which she workshopped in Shari Caudron's Intermediate/Advanced Personal Essay Workshop, was published in Hippocampus Magazine.

Kudos to Kathy Mitchell-Garton, whose poem "Cahir Castle"—workshopped in Seth Brady Tucker’s poetry workshop—was accepted for publication in an online journal, Feile-Feste's spring 2014 issue!

Member and volunteer-extraordinaire Maggie Ferguson's short story "Oceans Ahoy" appeared in the young adult magazine Stone Crowns Magazine. It went through workshop in one of Paula Younger's short story classes.

Laura Bond, our 2013 Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship recipient, wrote the cover story for Westword! She’s also featured on The Narrators podcast, reading a semi-comic essay.

Rachel Maizes' essay "Bad Dog," which ran in the New York Times, will be reprinted in a Bedford/St. Martins college writing textbook. Talk about posterity! 

No kidding—new member Bill Hyde’s essay, "Goats for Killing: Me or Them," was published in the Winter 2013 issue of Farming Magazine

Book Project member Kelly Thompson’s essay, “Just between Us,” was published by 49 Writers in their Alaska Shorts feature. 

Shawna Ervin’s poem “To Float” will appear in the summer issue of Forge. Congrats!

Alisa A. Gaston-Linn just had a flash fiction piece, “The Survival Bed,” published online in Black Heart Magazine

Far-flung instructor Alexander Lumans chimes in about the bomb plant in his hometown.



Gary Schanbacher keeps lassoing up accolades for his novel Crossing Purgatorylike this piece in the Washington Post!

Congrats to Lighthousers Lindsey O'Connor and Nancy Sharp, whose books appeared on The Denver Post's best-sellers list!

Get to know award-winning "accidental" author Emily Rapp, who brings her expertise in memoir writing to our 2014 Lit Fest juried workshops. 

Check out this interview with instructor Alexander Lumans by one of his admiring students!



A red-carpeted congrats to noir instructor Benjamin Whitmer, whose novel Pike is being considered for a movie deal with French director Olivier Marchal.

Congrats to Lighthouser Lyn Wheaton, a regular contributor to the Yampa Valley Voice, who was recently commissioned to write for The Routt County Heritage Guide! 

Lighthouse's youth instructor Andrea Doray was chosen as a guest columnist for The Denver Post, part of its Colorado Voices program.

The Salt Lake Tribune has selected Lighthouse instructor BK Loren’s novel Theft as its state-wide book club pick for March. 

Wired magazine spotted Lighthouse screenwriting instructor Alexandre O. Philippe at SXSW and anointed him “fascinating,” which we’ve known all along.

Ran Huntsberry, Karen Douglass, and Vicki Mandell-King read from their recent books of poetry at Boulder Bookstore!