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William Haywood Henderson earned a BA in English from the University of California at Berkeley, an MA in creative writing from Brown University, and attended Stanford University as a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Creative Writing. He is the author of three novels: Native, The Rest of the Earth, and Augusta Locke. He has taught creative writing at Brown, Harvard, the University of Denver, the University of Colorado at Denver, and Ashland University. At Lighthouse, he directs the Book Project and teaches the Advanced Novel Workshop and the Novel Bootcamp.


What William looks for in a Book Project mentee: Though his own writing is literary, William Henderson works with writers in all genres of fiction. He looks for writers who demonstrate a clear, individual vision, a unique voice, and a passion for the story they’re telling. His guidance is geared toward helping students reach the full potential of their talent, from subtext to beauty to complexity. He loves writers who take risks in pursuit of their art.

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No Ideas but in Things

March 02, 2024

8-Week: Advanced Novel Workshop (Zoom)

8-Week: Advanced Novel Workshop

March 19, 2024

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Are you kidding? It's Bill Henderson! Throughout his class I was energized, and still was as it ended. The content was powerfully liberating, both personally and artistically, on an illuminating subject. Bill's sequencing of questions and material just kept building, with revelations that fueled good work (and will continue to). It doesn't hurt that Bill can carry off a standup routine throughout, buoyant and generous, pulling out every introvert. And he inhabits the truths he offers -- makes us realize they're our truths too. Always brilliant stuff, and I'll always take his classes.
Scott Sawyer

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