Lit Fest 2022 Preview: Q&A with Nadia Owusu

Lit Fest 2022 Preview: Q&A with Nadia Owusu

Editor's Note: In advance of the March 12 deadline to apply for Lit Fest Advanced Workshops, we've asked the 2022 Visiting Authors for a preview of their workshop style, what they're reading, and more.

What's the most surprising source of inspiration for you lately? Birdsong. I’ve been thinking a lot about repetition and call and response.

What are you working on these days? A novel. I recently started over. The draft I discarded was a failure in so many ways, but a necessary one. 

How would you describe your workshop style? I always start with the writer’s intentions. From there, it’s all about asking questions rather than having answers. And I believe in engaging the body as well as the mind.

Any interesting/unusual writing habits? Dance breaks when I get stuck. I know other writers who do this too. It really works!

Nadia Owusu is teaching Weeklong Advanced Nonfiction Workshop: Writing as Reclamation. Learn more here. Apply via Submittable.