After All: An Erasure

By Kathleen Navarich

Editor's Note: This poem was written by a resident of Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community, which provides recovery-oriented transitional housing, counseling, and services for homeless individuals.
Lighthouse sent two writers-in-residence to Fort Lyon this year to help participants explore personal histories and provide a forum for practicing creative exploration. This piece was produced during writer-in-residence Alexandra Donovan's stay at Fort Lyon this summer. For more information about the Fort Lyon residency, click here.


Original Poem:


I was controlling, close-minded.

I thought the world evolved around

me and it did or I would relocate.


I was self-will run riotous.

I went where I chose, when I chose,

with no accountability to anyone

…not even to my self.


The hardest thing to swallow

was the fact I didn’t know it—you

see, I had no inkling. I never

allowed the veil of myself—justifying

 righteousness—to be lifted.


I’m not sure what most people had

to say because I was taught I didn’t

care about them; after all it was all

about me anyway.


My friends were my followers or

they didn’t deserve the time of day.

If you were negative you had no

place in my life…after all.


Erasure poem:


I was               minded.         

            the world       around




            where I chose


                        to my self


            the fact,                       you

see, I had

allowed the veil of myself

                        to be lifted.




about me




                                    after all.

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