Thursday nighter does good

Kudos to advanced short story workshopper Brendan Landry for publishing his fab story, "Caretaker," in Debris Magazine.  Here's a little sampler:

He was nearly out of nails and he could smell a storm rolling in, feel it breathing down the open neckline of his coat. His hand had begun to freeze around the worn out handle of his hammer; it was time to head back, he thought. He figured he’d done over a half mile of fence line today. Not enough to keep anything in, but he’d earned a beer or two. He double checked that all his tools were back in their place, slung heavily from his belt, and turned back towards his truck. The sky was the color of wet rock, he noticed, and he could just see the far end of the property in the distance. A bare hill rose up in pale comparison against the jagged and snow covered mountain peaks behind it. Between here and there sat the ramshackle house he was living in and he knew that with him gone all day, it would be bitter cold by the time he got back there.

Read the rest here.

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